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Congratulations Crep X7 series batten fixture passed CE by TUV Rheinland and passed SAA certificate


Congratulations Crep X7 series batten fixture passed and obtained CE cetificate by TUV Rheinland; Meanwhile, we are glad to

announce X7 series passed test of Australian official agent JAS-ANZ and obtained SAA certificate.

To satisfy the demand of market, Crep R&D team developed X7 series batten fixture, which is positioned at high-end commercial lighting area. The fixtures have below outstanding features:

Built-in driver

Easy to install

Beautiful shape

High light efficiency of 100lm/w

Adopt aviation aluminum as housing, excellent heat-dissipation capacity

Adopt PC as cover, excellent capacity of anti-high temperature and anti-oxidation, will not turn yellow even for long years of use

Due to above advantages, this series of fixtures get very positive response among customers. Many customers issue additional orders

after trying the sample,

and we have acumulated over 20 thousand sets of orders since its debut middle of last year.

With the pass of CE by TUV and SAA by JAS-ANZ this time, we are sure X7 series batten fixtures will get much more orders in the year 2019.

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