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China's first large-scale automatic production of LED panel lamp


Crep Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd not only keep pursuing innovation on R&D, but also keep increasing investment on production engineering and manufacturing technology. In year 2017 Crep established strategic cooperation with automatic machine factory. Now Crep has become the first manufacturer that realizes mass production and automatic production of LED panel light in China, via over 20 engineers’ Independent innovation experiment in the passed 2 years.

Currently, 8 automatic production lines are already put into service. Via automatic production, we can decrease 70% production staff, lift 40% production efficiency. What’s more significant is, the first time yield is over 99% by automatic production, products are more reliable, total production cost is decreased around 60%.

Crep has input over 6 million USD into automatic production line from research stage to put into service officially. Now the factory has 24 high-speed SMT production lines and 8 automatic production lines, which can satisfy capacity of 1 million sets of LED panel lights per month.

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